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What Sets Us Apart

K Johansson Studios was originally created and designed for writers and authors who are working on their novel and need that extra push. After all, we know how difficult it is for you to write that book and we also know how difficult it is for you to market that book, we even know how difficult it is to prepare that book. We now provide services to creators looking to turn their manuscript into something more! All inquiries should be made at the ‘Contact Us’ page.

Allow us, to help you with everything you need from marketing through to editing, designing and production. ​ We work ensure your manuscript can compete with traditionally published manuscripts, the material we produce for you goes above and beyond providing a professional look while giving you the tools you need to rake in new readers or viewers and keep them but we don't ensure you'll become a best seller. However, we work to ensure when you sign up to our services we will leave you satisfied.