Beyond Reserve

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Earth was invaded by aliens twice; within five years. While Noel-Len hadn't expected he'd don the uniform of the Centurions, and work alongside the elite Centurion Unit, Dragon Core, in his quest to ascertain the fragments. He never knew the power he had within him.


The Fire Reserve had almost fallen to the enemy's failed attempt at the assassination of their next leader while Gothalia has been reanimated as an Xzandian acolyte. With the Fire Reserve's secret weapon in the hands of the enemy—Noel-Len finds the death of Argos and kidnap of Arthur, precedes an event that'll bring forth a dogmatic government to the surface world. His mission: to gather the fragments of Midnight Eclipse before the other surface countries in place of Gothalia and compete in the Centurion Tournament. The world now eagerly clamours in shock and fear at the existence of Excelians while others influence a new government to safeguard the Human Race from the very same Excelians who protect them from the Xzandians. Forcing a world of segregation and chaos. In amongst it all, Gothalia's betrayal will warrant Noel-Len's drive to ensure peace, which will reveal the Order of the Rukh's real plans and the dark origins of the Alastorians. Can she be saved?


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  • Series: Chronicles of Heaven's Curse, 2
  • Category: Fiction » Science fiction» Adventure
  • Category: Fiction » Science fiction» Space opera
  • Published: TBD 
  • Words: 135,000 (roughly)
  • Language: Australian English
  • ISBN: --
  • Paperback & Hardcover Editions not available yet
  • Currency: AUD



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