Midnight Eclipse


She's an Excelian. He's an unawaken Excelian. When a second invasion begins a war, a deadly plot is set in motion and a desperate search for the Fragments of Midnight Eclipse commences . . .


Gothalia Valdis has her demon to conquer and Noel-Len Ignatius has his heritage to revive. What happens when two worlds collide? And, how will they both survive? Amid a new war in the city of Darwin, the worlds above and below take a dangerous turn, when aliens invade searching for Midnight Eclipse, bringing with them a deadly virus. A virus, that turns mere Humans, into monsters. A virus that scientists have yet to find a cure for. The Xzandians hunt for Midnight Eclipse a weapon known to wipe out thousands and a weapon every nation on Earth wants for themselves. Before any side can ascertain it, the Excelians—superhuman elemental manipulators—must be the first to capture it and all its fragments, to ensure it doesn't fall into the wrong hands. Noel-Len Ignatius must work to remember his family and Gothalia Valdis must survive this war. Join them on an adventure to keep the deadly weapon from the hands of the Xzandians while safeguarding humanity and Excelians alike from extinction.


Book Details: 

  • Series: Chronicles of Heaven's Curse, 1
  • Category: Fiction » Science fiction» Adventure
  • Category: Fiction » Science fiction» Space opera
  • Published: TBD (Pre-order)
  • Narrator: K Johansson Studios
  • Words: 135,130
  • Language: Australian English
  • ISBN: 9781716313189
  • Audiobook Edition
  • Currency: AUD
  • Pages: 544


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