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Services We Provide

Book & Video Editing


Get your book edited by professionals or your commercial video. Where we'll will ensure your manuscript or your video is professional.




Get your book outlined and written by us, we ensure the outline of your book, the characters' stories and above all connecting the sub-plots and plot of your book. 


Graphic Design & Cover Design


Get your website, book cover, logo designed by us and so much more. We will ensure that your brand is represented the best! This includes paperback and ebook formatting. 


Audiobooks & Podcasts


Get your audiobook voiced by us or your podcast. We work with professionals to ensure you have everything you need.


Comics & Graphic Novels


Get your comic or graphic novel designed and illustrated by us. With professionals we'll ensure the art on every page is of top quality. 


Animations & Trailers


Get a small commercial animation or trailer created by us and we'll take care of everything you tell us what you want and how you want it and we'll work to deliver.


Self-publishing & Marketing


We show you how to self-publish, what's the benefit of self-publishing and how you can best maximise your income. Well advise you on how to market the best place to market and what is required of your first debut. 


Interior Formatting


We provide formatting services for any print edition and ebook edition.